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Question? Answer.

That simple formula has been the driving force behind most, if not all, of human progress and discovery. Knowledge from these answers has the power to spark ideas, create remarkable innovations, and an understanding of what it is like to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Today, libraries serve as gateways to knowledge. Public libraries are essential in providing accessible, safe, and completely free educational resources to the general public. At a library, everyone is welcome to explore books, movies, music, art, or whatever they love. Libraries are one of the greatest public resources. 

How Does the Library Work?

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Visiting the local library is perhaps the least expensive (and most beneficial) form of entertainment in the entire country. Signing up to use the library is easy! Start by getting a library card. Your card is supplied free of charge; all you need is an ID or driver's license. If a child is signing up for the library, a parent must co-sign for them. Once you have the card, you are ready to take full advantage of all the library resources. Simple, right?


A Library for Kids

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When you arrive at the library, you are greeted by a children's reading statue. Children are the patrons that benefit most from the library. The kids section is lined with all manner of children's books. The walls feature colorful paintings of classics like Clifford the Big Red Dog, Benjamin Franklin, and Curious George. It offers a place where kids can explore on their own. In addition to exploring, the library hosts a story time each week. A small craft kit comes with every book reading. Currently, the story time happens virtually every Wednesday at 5:30PM. You can still pick up a craft bag at the library! For more information or questions be sure to call the library at 870-236-8711. Children may also enjoy the multimedia section of the library. It has music, audiobooks, movies, and video games for check out. 

More Than Books

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Speaking of the multimedia section, the library celebrates all kinds of stories whether they be told through a book, headphones, or visual art. A new artist display goes up every month. Art can be anything from paintings to wreaths to quilts. The library loves it all! The multimedia section has audiobooks, movies, computers, music, and video games. Staff is incredibly knowledgeable and can give recommendations based on your interests. You never know what you will find! Patrons also have access to the Libby App. The app can check out e-books and audiobooks from the library as if you were there. It can save you time while still patronizing your local library. The app can be especially helpful during a pandemic.


Grow Your Garden with the Seed Library

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A unique feature of the Greene County Public Library (GCPL) is the Seed Library. It provides a way to sow, grow, save, and share seeds gathered from the community. All seeds are open-pollinated or heirloom varieties, meaning seeds saved from these plants will produce the same fruit next season. Maybe you want to test out gardening or maybe you are already into seed saving. Whatever the reason, the seeds you borrow from GCPL are free and priceless at the same time. They are all donated and shared with the community. Take some and return what you don't use. If you are new to seed saving, don't let that scare you. There are plenty of helpful resources at the library to walk you through the process. Who knows? Maybe you will find a new hobby!


25¢ Book Sale

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Want to grow your personal library for little money? Here's how! The library often receives donations of books from the community. Sometimes the library already owns the books that are donated, or the books are not quite what the library is looking for. If the books do not make their way on the shelves, then they go to a separate table for sale. Each book is only 25¢ and magazines are 10¢. That's right, you can build an impressive collection for less than fifty bucks! What a great service from a library where everything is already free.


Local Features



The library features the local scene in many ways! Including the art displays, you will find some unique collections from local authors and a genealogy room to do family or city research. This is what makes the library both a gateway to the whole world and one to our backyard. Find out more about your family tree or the trees of Greene County.


COVID Precautions

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Every book that is returned to the library undergoes a week-long quarantine phase. This no-contact period allows any residual germs from the previous reader to air out. Masks are also encouraged when visiting. Programs like Virtual Story Time and the Libby app can keep you engaged while maintaining your distance. 



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So there you have it, a look into the fantastic public resource known as the Greene County Public Library. You are encouraged to visit and learn more about the library. Located at 120 N. 12th Street, the Greene County Public Library has helpful staff and an abundance of unique programs to fit your interests. You can visit the website at MyLibraryNow.org or call at 870-236-8711. The hours for the library are listed below.

Library Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8AM-5PM

Friday: 8AM-4PM

Saturday: 8AM-1PM

Sunday: Closed