Paragould Parks

Do You Know All the Parks That Call Paragould Home?

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Paragould is home to six total parks, not including a state park just outside of city limits! Smaller parks such as Centennial and Woodside Glen park are placed perfectly throughout our town to enjoy the outdoors no matter where you live in Paragould. Want to feed the geese, or maybe go fishing? Reynolds Park is perfect with its fully stocked lake! Reynolds also recently added a brand new paved basketball court outside near the playground. Harmon Park just recently introduced its brand new dog park to the city. The park has a space for both small and large dogs with plenty of toys, obstacles, and activities for the pets to enjoy! The Community Center in Paragould is one of the best locations in town. The park is home to a beautiful indoor swimming area. Not to mention the amazing outdoor waterpark open in the summer time! The Community Center also has spaces for larger meetings, basketball courts, soccer fields, racquetball,  and a recently built playground. Just outside city limits, Crowley's Ridge State Park has plenty of walking trails, places to ride your bike, and even a swimming area in the warmer weather! Plenty of great places to picnic with family and friends and enjoy all the aspects of the outdoors!