8 Mile Creek Trail Groundbreaking!



City of Paragould Breaks Ground on 8 Mile Creek Trail

(Paragould, AR) May 14, 2021

The City of Paragould broke ground today on the city’s first trail system, the 8 Mile Creek Trail. Today’s groundbreaking was made possible by the efforts of the Greene County Future Fund. In 2016, the Future Fund began working with a grant writer and the City of Paragould for initiatives that could improve the quality of life in Greene County. Through these efforts there have been nearly one million dollars over three grant cycles to provide this amenity to the citizens of Paragould and surrounding communities. Urban biking, hiking, and walking trails are a much-needed addition to our existing park system.

Mayor Josh Agee states “Paragould must be bold and create an environment that not only retains our talent but attracts talent within surrounding regions. We are on a job interview everyday with prospective residents. I want my children to live here when they grow up, a place where everyone else in our region says, I want to be a part of what is going on in Paragould.”

“An announcement like this, that our City and a local non-profit, have made such a monumental investment in the quality of life for our residents, gives us one more attribute that makes Paragould a wonderful and thriving community, that we are lucky to call home,” said Allison Hestand, Economic Developer and CEO of Paragould Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Neely Camp, mom, wife, and local businesswoman and Future Fund member states “this trail will promote healthy lifestyles and provide miles for walking, running, and biking.  I can’t wait to explore it with my kids. A community of our size needs next level quality of life features.”

The 8 Mile Creek Trail will provide a safer route for individuals that want to take their kids, dogs, friends or family on walks, strolls or even a jog. It is a multi-generational trial that will improve the quality of life for the citizens of Paragould. The trail's primary focus is connectivity. Once all proposed phases are completed it will connect most of our city parks, downtown, and several of our public school sites.

To learn more about the Eight Mile Creek Trail visit, greenecountyfuturefund.com.