10+ Year Spotlight: Gamble Home

Gamble Home Furnishings is a 10+ Year Member of the Chamber!

Gamble Home Furnishings was established in 1990 and they provide home furnishings and design services. 

They give back to the community in a variety of ways. When customers purchase a bed, they give a bed to a local foster child in need in their "Buy a Bed, Give a Bed" program. Every year at Christmas, they have a toy drive for foster families. They also have a backpack drive to collect backpacks, shoes, and school supplies for all ages. In addition to their own programs, they partner with other organizations to make an impact on the communities they serve. 

Gamble Home Furnishings
24 CR 912
Brookland, AR 72417
Phone: (870) 931-3352
Monday - Saturday 10AM-6PM