15+ Year Chamber Member Spotlight: Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation

Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation has been with the Paragould Regional Chamber of Commerce for 15+ years!


Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation
7277 Highway 69
Paragould, Arkansas 72450
Monday to Friday 8AM- 5PM


Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation has been a member of the Paragould Regional Chamber of Commerce for 15+ years! Craighead Electric provides electric service to over 30,000 members in 8 counties in northeast Arkansas. Craighead Electric became a corporation on August 13, 1937. The Paragould office was opened in 1992. There are 10 employees at the Paragould Office and Craighead employs 102 companywide. Craighead Electric seventh cooperative principle is "Concern for the Community" and as such Craighead Electric and their employees have participated in charitable sports events, fundraisers, gift drives, and sponsorships in the past. Craighead Electric realized they could do more though and in 2018 launched the "Co-Op Cares" campaign as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This campaign had a very successful first year with dozens of charitable groups, school programs, food banks, and others receiving a total of more than $30,000 from Craighead Electric's employees and other Co-Op Cares donors. Craighead Electric continues to modernize their grid and services all the time as demonstrated by their 5 to 7-year Fiber project. Running a fiber optic network everywhere their grid is will allow them to connect to critical electrical infrastructure and as a byproduct will deliver high speed internet to all their members. Craighead Electric also completed "Solar One" in September 2018. This is a 1-megawatt solar array located in Brookland that will produce enough low-cost renewable power for 135 homes at peak production. Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation's mission is to responsibly deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy. Their dedicated employees are focused on providing world class service and extraordinary member care, because that's what a cooperative is supposed to do. The Paragould Regional Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation for their commitment to the community and the Chamber!